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Stories generously shared by my patients about how their lives have been impacted by medical cannabis

“Dr. Lynn Parodneck is a pioneer in our community. I applaud her genuine desire to help people as a doctor, and to enter into the new field of Medical Marijuana. To many there is still a stigma associates with medical marijuana, and as soon as you meet Dr. Parodneck, that fades away.

My personal experience as her patient has been very helpful. After a year of chronic pain, now an accepted condition for eligibility to medical marijuana, I decided to make a consultation. I had seen an advertisement in a local paper that she was giving a talk about the subject, and was unable to make it. There was something I saw in her picture that struck me, a certain authenticity and intelligence.

My consult was very informative and Lynn both puts you at ease while exuding complete professionalism. She was very helpful thorough the whole process how to use it, how to get it and any question or concern she responded in a timely and helpful way.

The medical marijuana seems to be helping with my pain and the stress of chronic pain. I am grateful for Dr. Parodneck’s presence in our community."  —JS

“My health issues are complicated.  After surviving Lung Cancer, Aortic Valve replacement and the debilitating effects of nervous leg syndrome, Dr Parodneck’s compassion, clinical expertise and advice across specialties greatly enhanced my “quality of life”.  In this era where physicians may be distracted, Dr. Parodneck took the time and concentrated on the wellness of my mind, body and soul.  Kudos to Dr. Parodneck."  —TW

A medical professional with a cheerful spirit—that is Dr. Lynn Parodneck, a Physician and Specialist. A recent consultation with her revealed a doctor dedicated to the total health and wellbeing of each of her patients. I was seeing her because of years of suffering debilitating illnesses. Having been referred by another doctor whom I also greatly respect, I was not disappointed. The caring way she introduced me to the Program and Treatment Plan was truly an education. We talked and we listened— to each other as necessary. I was also able to access some of her specific pieces which I was able to take, along with excellent websites for even more helpful and handy information. Thank you, Dr. Parodneck, for all that you do in such a caring, giving and compassionate way.”  —Linda C

“Lynn is amazing. she is kind, extremely professional and supportive in explaining everything, and a true gem. After years and years of chronic pain from fibromyalgia, I am finally able to get some relief that is legal. Lynn makes the process of obtaining a card seamless. Her view on compassionate care is exemplary of her character in general; she is a compassionate woman who is devoted to helping people live healthy lives. She is a pioneer in this field, and for people like me who have suffered for so long, her time and care are invaluable. I am lucky to have found her and that i am her patient.”  —Lisa

Spinal damage from an accident left me with "Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome", a strange condition in which within moments I go from perfectly fine, to violently ill. It has severely impacted my life because it can happen any time, any where with only a few moments warning. Neurologists could find no remedies or medications to help me. After speaking extensively with Dr. Parodneck, she determined that I could be helped by medical marijuana. It has been REMARKABLE. I carry a vape pen now, and when I feel an episode coming, I take one puff on the pen. About 95% of the time it's able to stave the sickness. Dr. Parodneck has been compassionate and professional. I feel so fortunate to have her practice in our community.  —LK

Dr. Lynn Parodneck gave my daughter her life back. I was always conservative growing up, so much so, my mother told me I was so square I was cubed. Many years down the line my 20 something daughter was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, an autoimmune inflammatory condition that causes a lot of pain. We saw many doctors and my daughter lost quality of life failing a number of medications. When we flew to Mayo Clinic she needed a wheelchair. One day she told me that she found a doctor that she planned to see for medical marijuana. I was opposed to this idea but she was old enough to make this decision without me. I thought use of medical marijuana could lead to other issues. Thank goodness she didn’t wait for my approval. Instead, she invited me into the process and I have been able to experience Dr Lynn first hand. I can’t say enough good things. First and foremost she is a wonderful human being who genuinely cares about and listens to her patients. She is knowledgeable about products and dispensaries. She asks probing questions about symptoms, concerns, work and lifestyle that enable her to make recommendations for appropriate products. I thank goodness that my daughter found Dr Lynn and was able to recover some quality of life and get relief during the most difficult times. If you are considering medical marijuana, don’t hesitate to call Dr Lynn. She is a life saver.   —Sue

I am 48 yeard old, and I’ve been in pain my entire adult life. I have chronic migraine, TMJ disorder, trigeminal neuralgia, and Ehlers Danlos syndrome. These diagnoses helped explain the causes of my pain, and the different specialists helped manage symptoms and further progression of my disease, but no one was able to successfully manage my pain. Part of that is due to the fact that no practitioner takes a holistic look at the body - but all of my pain was shoulders and above, and in many cases activating the same nerves. It was as if there was a storm in my head from multiple causes and no one could settle it. Before opioids were restricted, I’d get short term relief with their use, but I never used them more than one pill per month when in a severe flare for fear of addiction. So, I simply suffered. Now, with a carefully managed regimen of daily CBD and low grade THC, along with higher doses of THC during acute attacks, I am absolutely functioning at a higher level than I have been since being diagnosed. My overall pain level is lower, and I know how to get ahead of my pain and keep it from climbing by taking the correct combination of medicine. I also suffer from an anxiety disorder, and having my THC on hand to get me through an anxiety attack has been more effective (and so much safer) than any pharmaceutical option (or talk therapy) ever has. I’ve even weaned off one pharmaceutical anti-anxiety drug (klonapin) within 6 months of starting on medical marijuana. I am so grateful to have Dr. Parodneck’s capable guidance to help me find the best medicines for me to continue to manage my symptoms, and to get the absolute most out of life.


My 91 year old mother was suffering from neuropathy in her feet and the pain was intense.  She had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease years earlier, which brought its own issues, yet this near constant burning pain in her feet was what was making her lose her will to live.   

After multiple visits to the neurologist and pain management doctors, and their relative courses of treatment that brought her no relief, my mother’s internist gave us the name and contact information for Dr. Lynn Parodneck, a NYS licensed medical marijuana practitioner.  This was unchartered territory for both my mother and our family yet we were open to exploration.  Dr. Parodneck could not have been a better guide through the entire journey!  And, by better, I mean she is intelligent, responsive, approachable, easily accessible, informative, compassionate, relatable, reliable, and “real”.  No white coat and stethoscope, no sterile office with layers of message takers and nurses, no reams of forms and questionnaires to be completed, no endless waits to book an appointment...Dr. Parodneck answered the call on my first dial, she introduced herself as Lynn, she patiently listened to my story and then set a date for the following week to meet with my mom.  And because it would require much effort and expense to get my mom to Lynn, Lynn came to her!

Much to our delight, in walked a mild-mannered, soft-spoken woman who gave hope to my mother through a discussion of a regime of medical marijuana.  She broke down stigmas/misconceptions, explaining that this was a safe and natural (as opposed to manufactured pharmaceutical) approach, that wouldn’t have harmful side effects nor negative interactions with her current list of medications.   Lynn let us know she would be available and monitoring my mother’s response throughout the course of the treatment. 

Moreover, Dr. Parodneck’s explanation of the NY state guidelines and requirements to be met before being able to visit a designated dispensary and purchase any product was thorough and in language that we, as neophytes, could understand.  She directed me, as the designated caretaker, to a web site, walked me through any questions I had and helped facilitate the process. 

In addition, Lynn offered articles to read as well as people (professionals and other patients/families) to whom we could speak to help us best understand and navigate this new world of medical marijuana. 

Dr. Lynn Parodneck single-handedly changed our previously held definition of a doctor with regard to her personality and practice.  My mother, I and all our family are grateful for the trailblazing work she does and that she came into our lives.  —S

I met Dr Lynn in November 2017. I found Dr Lynn to be extremely compassionate and understanding about my situation. Dr Lynn is very knowledgeable of the New York State Medical Marijuana process and the products which are offered.


Dr Lynn was very upfront about what she knew. If Dr Lynn does not know about a subject, she will make the efforts needed to obtain the required information. Dr Lynn will be a friend to you and make sure that you feel comfortable about the medications and treatment possibilities.


Regarding myself, the best news is that that I am no longer taking the “normal” prescription medications since I first started seeing Dr Lynn. I could not have imagined that a few months ago.


Good luck on your journey to relief.


-Marion, a very satisfied and happy patient of Dr Lynn

Marijuana hasn’t been new to me since the ‘60s. But “medical marijuana” was something else, even now that it’s mostly legal in New York. (The State seems to be having huge problems embracing that concept, but that’s another story.) Even legal and available, any real information is sparse. What was once either a bag of good stuff or bad now comes with an endless smokescreen of designer names and loud endorsements. Buying grass was once, forgive me, just pot luck. Now there are name brands and celebrity endorsements and exact percentages of THC and CBD and terpenes to consider…. Too much information. I just want something to make all my newfound pains quiet down.


That was all bouncing around my brain when I went to a lecture by Lynn West (aka Dr. Lynn Parodonek). (Pick your favorite name or any combination thereof – she answers to all of them; I call her Dr. Lynn….) Soft spoken, intensely focused, and astonishingly knowledgeable about medical marijuana, she knows who qualifies, and how and why and when. And what to do after that.


Listening to Dr. Lynn, I learned that the ‘60s (and most of the intervening decades) were (mostly) wrong about grass. It’s not (and probably never was) just “grass” - it comes with far finer designations than “good” or “bad”. There’s marijuana that’s great for sleep; there’s some that eases pain; there’s more for every condition from minor aches to serious medical conditions. Then there’s CBD-rich hemp that works wonders for aches and pains (and more) but lacks THC, the compound that gets people high. But most of all there’s the synergistic effects between all the various components, a bit of this, some of that.


All this (and more) I learned in one expansive, far reaching, information-packed talk by Dr. Lynn. Most of all, I learned that there’s a lot to know and none of it is easy or quick. And most of what I thought I knew was mostly wrong. Like any medicine it takes a pretty careful diagnosis to pinpoint the right percentages and amounts of THC and/or CBD for each particular subset of problems.


I’m not sure I want (or need) to know anything about all that. I just want the pain to ease a bit; I want a good night’s sleep. Yeah, maybe a little fuzzy-headed, too. Fortunately, there’s Dr. Lynn to the rescue. She knows the rules, of course. More importantly, she knows why those myriad rules were enacted in the first place. And she knows what will help. I trust her and you will, too. You’ll know what I mean (and you’ll know why I mean it) about five minutes after meeting Dr. Lynn. You’d think she had all the time in the world for you (and you alone), you’d think there was no limit to that time or her concern or gentle knowhow. She’s a wonderful rarity in today’s rushed world. All in all, Dr. Lynn patiently helped me get my NY Medical Marijuana Card. Ready to buy, I trusted her enough to follow her advice. Good thing, that. With the right dosage, the pain eased and I slept better. In today’s rushed medical landscape, Dr. Lynn is a revelation to know and a real keeper. Her selfless help was (and is) exactly what I needed.  —K

It was May 2018 that my life would change forever. I was a career EMT from 2011-2017 in busy areas, working 12 hour, 24 hour and 36 hour shifts on the ambulance serving the various communities of Westchester and the Bronx and loved every single second of it. Ive has an amazing EMS career, and have seen some amazing things, I’ve been able to be there for people on what they consider to be their worst day. I’ve also seen some terrible things while working. I’ve done CPR countless times on adults as well as children and infants, The screams of a mother who has just been told her child has passed is something i will never forget, I’ve dealt with amputated limbs, as well as heart attacks and strokes, shootings, stabbing, hangings, suicides, and other emergencies that require split second decisions to save lives. I’ve see some the most insane car accidents some with amazing outcomes but sadly some with gruesome outcomes that i wouldn’t want to describe to anyone. I wish that i could forget the things my eyes have seen sometimes.


Over time the bad calls started to effect me. I was getting moody, and irritable and i was consuming copious amounts of alcohol when i was off the clock about 6-8L a week of vodka. Drinking myself to sleep every single night. I was subconsciously self medicating for something but i wasn’t sure of what. I was approximately 300lbs, i was having trouble sleeping, drinking to avoid having nightmares and flashbacks of bad calls that haunt me. I would go from being in a good mood to being a complete monster at the flip of a switch for no apparent reason. I was waking up at night in a panic but didn’t know why, i was always ready for action even when no action would ever be required. I decided one night that i had had enough of living like that. I turned to my wife on the couch and bursted into tears about how sorry i was for drinking so much, for being so irritable and for not being the person i was when we got married. I noticed myself going down a dark path and realized i needed a lot of help. I didn’t want to be like that any more.


I found a psychiatrist near by and was diagnosed with PTSD. I started treatment for PTSD immediately with therapy sessions but it wasn’t enough. I was crying every single day, i was having flashbacks, i was on hyper alert constantly aware and keeping track of everyone and everything around me, i felt uncomfortable around people, i was getting startled by loud noises and sirens. Sirens were the worst at this time, i would here a siren and instantly my mind would have a flashback to a really bad call for hours at a time and i would start panicking and crying uncontrollably to make it stop. It was so real, as though i was right back there again doing cpr on an 8 year old. Every sound, every smell, every sight, everything engraved in my brain playing over and over again. My chest would get tight. My heart would race. My thoughts would race. And no matter what i did to try to distract myself away from the flashbacks and the feelings and the emotions and tears that i had held back for so many years, they all came flooding out. I was a disaster barely eating, barely interacting with people. I was depressed, felt lost hopeless and alone. Basically i was simply existing anxiously awaiting the next trigger to occur and for the next flashback ect. I would literally yell at the dog, at my wife, at the tv, at anything when i got frustrated after a trigger. But the trigger could have been anything. I didn’t know what my triggers were or what i could do to help myself calm down from one. Once i was triggered from a flash back i was stuck like that for hours and hours. Pacing or being rude and snapping at people for no reason they could tell, All this happening unseen to anyone. No one knew why i was acting like such a jerk still. I knew this wasn’t Truly me and my wife knew this wasn’t me acting this way this was the ptsd making me act this way. So i started doing research and came across marijuana as a treatment for ptsd.


After some research i decided to reach out to a close friend who uses marijuana regularly and ask them if i could try some next time they came over. They said sure and came right over! I had used marijuana as a teenager recreationally so i knew what to expect but that was over 12 years ago!. But i didn’t know how it would help my ptsd if at all. We rolled up a joint and started smoking. Immediately i felt different as one would expect but i noticed something right then that would change my ptsd treatment forever. I noticed that for me personally it immediately calmed my on edge feeling, i wasn’t hyper aware of stuff, thoughts weren’t racing through my brain...i was feeling confident in having control over my ptsd for a change instead of my ptsd controlling me. Finally i had relief. I was so at ease. My wife and i and friend laughed and had an amazing night. That was the first night in a long time where i felt like my old self again. So i did more research and came across Dr Lynn Parodneck for medical marijuana. I brought up my findings from my experiment to my psychiatrist and she agreed it could be beneficial. So i called Dr Parodneck right away and scheduled and appointment.


The day of my appointment I’ll never forget how anxious and nervous i was walking in door. I sat down and could barely keep eye contact with Dr Parodneck, but as we talked i became very comfortable with her immediately. She answered all my questions and helped me relax about using marijuana and about the whole medical marijuana program works. I knew everything was going to be ok. She was extremely passionate about providing the most companionate of care for me. It was very reassuring to me when i was in such a dark place. I walked out of the appointment confident and curious as to what the rest of my journey would be like.


1 year later i still use marijuana daily. Marijuana has allowed me to heal. It has helped me get a grasp on my flashbacks and how to stop them if needed but most importantly, it helped me work through them. It would calm my body and my mind down enough that i could sit there and keep having the flashback and pick out what about it was bothering me and what was triggering me. The more i was able to focus on the bad flashbacks and work through them the less intense my reactions to certain triggers became. It helps calm my thoughts when I’m panicking and takes those million thoughts racing through my head and allows me to think of one thing at a time. I am now 170lbs and still have not picked up a drink. I am more confident in myself overall, i still struggle a lot with my PTSD but the marijuana helps keep the symptoms at bay and


Never in a million years did i think that i would get PTSD from helping others in desperate need, and yet there i was on the other side in dire need of help and relief from the struggles of my ptsd. Dr Lynn Parodneck and the medical marijuana program have changed my life for the better. Thank you Dr Parodneck for helping me in my most desperate hour. Thank you for your compassion for me and your patients. You made me feel like i was being cared for by a friend and that was extremely reassuring. Thank you!!

-Jonathan F

I have had chronic pain for years, the lasting effect of having been on the receiving end of a car/pedestrian accident in 1981. Arthritis and neuropathy are ever-present, so I was eager to see what medicinal marijuana could do for me. Upon meeting Dr. Parodneck I was immediately reassured. She is warm and compassionate, but above all she sincerely wants to use her knowledge to bring relief to those in pain. I am now one month into using medicinal and still experimenting with products to find what works best. But the good news is that it really does help the pain. New York has been slow and hesitant in its attempt to reform marijuana laws. Even now, there is no visible campaign to spread the word about this program. But the truth is that it is pretty simple. Dr. Parodneck is a great place to start!  —TG

I am a retired medical professional and I am so grateful that I found Dr Lynn. She spent a good hour explaining how the product is used and what effects can be expected for my issues. She is very professional and her knowledge of her work is very thorough. She answers questions and is empathic. It is so comforting to see a doctor who actually makes you feel she has the time to listen. I highly recommend a visit if you do not want to keep taking medications with side effects.  —LCT

I wanted to share a few thoughts on my experience with Dr Parodneck. As a physician with a chronic condition I thought I could provide a different perspective. Modern medicine has become hurry up medicine. Many physician offices are overly busy, hectic, and chaotic. Patients spend more time in the waiting room then they do face to face with their physician. Often times once you are with your doctor your visit maybe interrupted by a phone call or a nurse knocking at the door. One often feels that the doctor does not have his/her head in the game. Now these are my experiences with my doctors who know I am an MD.


Now enter Dr Lynn. I first contacted Dr Parodneck last July seeking advice on treatment for a chronic condition which has been refractory to “conventional” remedies. I left a voicemail which was returned by the doc. Hmm I thought. Why didn’t the receptionist call me back to screen the call? Lynn and I (BTW her patients call her Dr Lynn) had a discussion about what I was seeking and whether she could help and we decided to make an appointment.


On the day of the appointment I put her address into the GPS which brought me to the bucolic horse country of Katonah. Her office is in her home. A quiet antique carriage house. No crowds. No telephones. No distractions. The only distraction was her friendly golden retriever. We then spent the next hour talking. Dr Lynn’s demeanor is engaging but laid back. She is receptive to questions. In fact she was very patient with me as I grilled her on the pharmacology and the effects of cannabis on the neuroendocrine system. I was impressed with the depth and breadth of her knowledge. Hey she knew more than I LOL


Based on her recommendations we formulated an initial plan consisting of different cannabis preparations. She was very attentive and receptive to follow up calls, texts, and emails. I have been impressed with Dr Lynn on many levels. Her knowledge of medicine is highly respectable. The way she runs her practice is out of the norm of a modern medical office which is a breath of fresh air. However what I think separates Lynn from many docs is that in addition to being a medical scientist she is a human being. She will treat you as a human being. . Lynn feels. Lynn wants to help. Lynn cares. Dr Lynn truly exemplifies the definition of a compassionate care physician  —JD

Dr. Lynn is the best! I had a horrible near death experience back in October of 17’. As a result, drastic measures had to be taken to save me. Now I am in pain constantly and also suffer from the post traumatic effects of almost loosing my life. I had been given very strong drugs while in the hospital intravenously. When I was released the only option the hospital was able to provide were opioids. For a while I went along with the program. The opioids did not really take away the pain but merely messed with my brain and disrupted my sleep patterns. I was looking for something safer with immediate results. A friend recommended that I talk to his dr, Dr Lynn. I was and still am in a very delicate state both physically and mentally. Dr Lynn informed me there may be a better alternative. Aside from the stigma generally associated with marijuana there is so much new information and studies now coming forth and society is realizing that we were misinformed and duped by profit driven people and corporations. There are options and they are natural with little or no ill affects when used properly. Dr Lynn saved me from becoming a permanent dependent on opioids. She was honestly concerned with every aspect of my health. She is a kind, loving and compassionate human being and a great doctor. I could not scream loud enough how grateful I am for her care and treatment. She changed my life and my ability to live with my condition and helped me move forward with all my new challenges. Absolutely the best!!! Thank you and bless you.   —GS

Dr. Lynn Parodneck is both a highly qualified, experienced physician, she is also
very warm and informative. I first learned of Lynn when I saw an ad in The Record
Review that she was giving a talk at the Katonah Library. At the time medical
marijuana was still relatively new, and seeing her photo and hearing about her
credentials made me feel “this is someone I could trust”. At that time I had been
in chronic pain for months, at times unable to walk, and was very disappointed I
was not able to get to the library.  [...]

I feel she was a godsend; having been misdiagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, and given medication that made me so nauseous I lived on ginger ale and saltines for 3 months until a I had a 2nd opinion from the head of psoriatic arthritis at NYU Hospital. I had always lived a healthy lifestyle, was a runner and yoga instructor and ate a clean and healthy diet. I knew that the vicious cycle of chronic pain and the resulting stress only causes more inflammation. Lynn provided hope and relief at one of the most difficult times of my life, and I will always be grateful. She is now a friend, and going to her was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I highly recommend Dr. Lynn Parodneck for anyone suffering unnecessarily
Medical marijuana not only provides pain relief and calms inflammation, but helps avoid opioid use and addiction. I am a real proponent of medical marijuana, and hope that others’ in pain, or suffering from nausea due to chemotherapy and many other issues are lucky enough to find a doctor like Lynn.  —J.K.

I wanted to write and thank you for your help in getting me the boost I needed to try cannabis for my sleep and anxiety issues. Not only do I fall asleep faster but I am now off Ambien, which is a miracle! I was addicted to taking Ambien to fall asleep for the past 5 years or so, and now, with a few hits of the pre-roll or a gummy, I'm able to go to sleep and stay asleep for most of the night. After trying NY products, I know prefer a trip to MA. So far I've tried a few things and this is what I like best: from Theory Wellness in Great Barrington, the Grape Ape (pre-roll) Indica 1:1, and Grape chewables 1:1. I'm also interested in trying the tincture drops to put in tea, which I will try next trip.  —E

I have been having migraines since I was 10 years old. I didn’t know they were even something abnormal, I thought everyone had horrible painful headaches. As I got older, they became more frequent and even more severe. By age 14 when I was diagnosed with migraine officially, I was chronic, which means I have over 15 days of pain a month. With me, though, it’s actually closer to 27 days of pain a month. I also have TMJ disorder, and wear a nightguard, but was still feeling jaw pain frequently. 


I went to the best doctors in New York City hospitals and they tried many treatments but no one could help me through the pain of an attack. Opioids were out of the question, and I think they are scary anyway. The drugs I would get for my migraine and TMJ pain either didn’t work at all or would work for a short time and then stop working altogether. 


One of my doctors realized that no treatment would work if my pain wasn’t managed so he referred me to Dr. Parodneck for medical marijuana. He had heard her speak and was so impressed, telling us she was very intelligent and compassionate. I wasn’t sure what to expect but my Mom was helpful because she had used THC before (I finally got her to admit it!!) so she helped me know what it would be like. I began to use CBD oil along with THC for pain management. I found that overall my pain was a little less severe on CBD/THC. Also, during a severe migraine attack, when no drug would work before, I finally had something that relieved the pain now. I was able to take a strong dose of THC along with a prescribed muscle relaxer to sleep through the worst of a pain attack, something I’d never been able to do before. 


I am still going to school and managing a strong B+ average despite having chronic migraine, and missing 80% of class time. I owe a big part of that to the good pain management I found with CBD and THC, under the guidance of Dr. Parodneck.   —A

"Ode to CBD"

Dr Lynn,

Just wanted to take the time to thank you for all your kindness and support

Over the years I’ve been struggling with knee pain and my sleep pattern has been very affected by this pain


Over the Past few years have used marijuana to cope with the pain

I do not like to take pills nor drink alcohol so I turned to that to help with my psyche

Recently I have been able to take your advice and move on to CBD

The different ratios allow me to use moderate THC in the evenings to help with the pain and my sleep and CBD during the day

It has helped me tremendously to focus at work while not worrying about the pain of being on my leg all day

The information you provided me has been extremely helpful and I cannot thank you kindly enough

Trials and tribulations in life are handled many different ways

Looking for natural alternatives that are clearly regulated is the way I want to live my life

God bless you for helping me and I look forward to working with you in the future


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